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What is a Life Coach?

You may have heard the term “life coach” at various points without much clarification. What exactly does this professional do? Is it another name for a therapist? Is it the ultimate cheerleader that you need in your life? Are they a career advisor? How do they help you as you navigate where you’re at and where you want to be?

Let’s explore the role of a life coach as a wellness professional and how you can utilize one in your life.

A life coach is a professional who helps people make progress in their everyday lives to help attain greater fulfillment. Note that even this definition is a little bit vague because a life coach can work with each individual differently according to their needs. A life coach may work with clients to improve their relationships, careers, or daily lives.

You can work with a life coach in any of these areas to identify the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward and then come up with strategies to overcome any challenges that arise. If you feel you’re lacking direction, then a life coach may prompt you in your goal making or assist you in clarifying your goals. They can also act as a source of accountability when you’re struggling to take action. 

Is a Life Coach for Me?

How do you know when to reach out to a life coach? A life coach can help you navigate different types of significant changes in your life. Their goal is to help you build a happier and more meaningful and fulfilling life. If you’re considering hiring a life coach, then you’ll probably want one that focuses on the area you’re looking to grow. That said, if you’re just looking for a general life coach then that exists as well. Here are some of the different types of life coaches that you may consider utilizing. 

  • General life coach
  • Addiction and sobriety life coach
  • Business, executive, and leadership life coach
  • Career life coach
  • Dating and relationship life coach
  • Diet and fitness life coach
  • Divorce life coach
  • Family life coach
  • Financial life coach
  • Health and wellness life coach
  • Life skills coach
  • Mental health life coach
  • Spirituality life coach
  • Sports life coach

A life coach can help you gain a different perspective and offer new insight into challenges that you’re facing in any of these areas. If you’re looking to create a better balance in your life, eliminate fears and anxieties, or enhance your work life or relationships, then this is a great route to go. 

Is a Life Coach the Same as a Therapist?

Therapists and life coaches have distinct roles; although, there is overlap in their work. A therapist (along with other mental health professionals) works to heal and treat mental health conditions that often stem from trauma and other issues from the past. Conversely, a life coach cannot treat mood disorders, anxiety, addiction, or other mental health conditions. They are also not required to have any formal academic training or to follow any health privacy laws.

With that, you may find it helpful to work with a life coach as you work through obstacles and achieve your goals. Life coaching has been found to improve self-efficacy and self-empowerment.

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